Come Holy Spirit!

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"As soon as Jesus was baptised He went up out of the water, at that moment Heaven was opened and He saw the Spirit of God desending like a dove and lighting on Him" Mathew 3:16

I recently had the strangest dream…a dove=landed on my head!

The sensation of the dove landing on my head was so vivid and so real that I immediately woke up searching my hair for the stray bird!


I was instantly reminded of the baptism of Jesus in mathew 3:16 where the Holy Spirit descends on Him like a dove. I was also reminded that we will soon be celebrating Pentecost; a day when Christians around the world celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the Church.


The word Pentecost means ’50th day’ t=is is because it falls fifty days after Easter Sunday. This year Pentecost, or Whit – Sunday will be celebrated on June 4th.


In John 20:2-22 Jesus appears to His Disciples after His resurrection and says to them “Peace be with you, as the Father sent me I am sending you. And with that He breathed on them and said: Receive the Holy Spirit”.


Jesus appeared to His Disciples on many occasions over the period of 40 days from His resurrection until His ascension into Heaven, on one occasion He said to them, “Do not leave Jerusalem but wait for the gift my Father promised, which you have heard me speak about, for John baptised with water but in a few days from now you will be baptised with the Holy Spirit”. Acts 1:4-5.

After that the Disciples met together for nine days to wait for the promise. “When the day of Pentecost came they were all together in one place. Suddenly a sound from Heaven like the blowing of a rushing wind came and filled the whole house. They saw what seemed like tongues of fire come and rest on each of them and they were filled with the Holy Spirit and they spoke in different tongues as the Spirit enabled them” Acts 2: 1-4


At the time this happened many God fearing Jews were in Jerusalem to celebrate a feast commemorating the giving of the law to Moses on Mount Sinai, they were amazed that they all heard their own language but some mocked and said ‘They have had too much wine. Acts 2: 5-13 


Then Peter boldly stood up filled with the fresh power of The Holy Spirit and preached the Gospel to the crowds many were added to the church that day!   Acts 2:14-41.


Novena 2017 May 26th –June 3rd

The word Novena means nine and to mirror the actions of the disciples recorded in acts 2 Christians across the nation will be praying for 9 days between the day of Ascension which is celebrated on May 26th and Pentecost, for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Many will base their prayers on the Lord’s Prayer with a special emphasis on the words ‘Thy Kingdom Come’. I too will be praying, will you?


Let’s Pray

Thank You Hevenly Father for Sending our Lord Saviour Jesus Christ to die on the cross to save us from our sins. Thank you for the wonderful gift of your Holy Spirit, our comforter, friend, counsellor and teacher. Thank you for the fresh faith, boldness,wisdom and passion for you that your Holy Spirit gives, may we use all of your gifts to build your kingdom, to bring peace where there is conflict, love where there is hate, healing where there is pain, prosperity where there is lack. Hope where there is despair.


Come Holy Spirit,rekindle your fire in our hearts so we will burn with a fresh passion for Christ shining like stars in this universe, radiating your love and light so that the lonely and the lost will be drawn to you.

In Jesus name Amen.


Send an Amen back if you have prayed with us today and if you will pray with us during Novena to see revival in our homes, cities and across the nations!     


Symbols of the Holy Spirit


For a wide range of symbols of faith including symbols celebrating the Holy Spirit and The Lords Prayer such as our Spirit Dove, Ascending Dove, Holy Fire pendant and our 'Thy Kingdom Come collection' visit our website today at:



We look forward to seeing you over the summer months at one or more of these exciting Christian events. Drop us an email if you would like a free ticket to any of these events in exchange for assisting for a few hours on our stand.


Big Church day Out South,Tea Tent

27-28th May

Wiston House, West Sussex, U.K


Big Church day Out North, Tea Tent

02-03 June

Capesthorne Hall, Cheshire, U.K


The Methodist Conference

June 22-28

Hilton Metropol, NEC, Birmingham, U.K


ELA 2017

9-12 July

Harrogate Exhibition Centre, U.K


New Wine

July 22-5 August

Bath & West Showground, Somerset, U.K 


Davids Tent

25-28 August

Wiston House, West Sussex, U.K


Mission to Albania

This year we plan to visit a Albania to train a group of poor rural Muslim Widows in Jewellery making with host our charity 'Plead For The Widows'. Please pray for us, that God will open the hearts of these treasured women to receive His message of love. Together we can 'make jewellery, change lives'! If you would like to travel with us or receive further details of our charitable projects please get in touch. Part of the proceeds from your purchase at: will assist our charitable projects here in the U.K and abroad or if you prefer, you can make a donation online at:

Finally please pray for us that God will continue to open doors for our message and we will proclaim it faithfully as we should.  


Order today at:, call our order line on: 0845 217 9668 or=customer services on: 0121 554 4575.

Love and blessings in Christ,
Norma Murrain<><
Jewellery designer
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