The Olive Tree!

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“But I am like a green Olive Tree, flourishing in the house of God, I trust in God’s unfailing love for ever and ever” Psalm 52:8   

The Olive branch is widely recognised as a symbol of hope, forgiveness, reconciliation and new beginnings. 

I started working on our Olive Tree collection in January 16 after facing a challenging year in 2015; In February 2015 I moved from my former matrimonial home after 17 years and a difficult divorce, In May 2015 my beloved Mother was promoted to glory, then on October 23rd 2015, which was my Mother’s birthday I saw the angels when they came to escort my dearest nephew, just 26 years old into the glorious light of eternity.

Have you ever experienced a season where you feel like you’re not just being pruned, but being cut back hard? When the things you held as anchors in your life are cut away? Those who are gardeners will understand the pruning process. When a tree is ‘cut back hard, it looks quite dead on the outside but the experienced gardener will rest assured that there will be new life in the spring!

And so in January 2016 just like a pruned tree, I started to sense the green shoots appearing as I took time out to ‘be still and know’. In that place of peace ‘hiding under the shadow of His wings’, I heard His familiar voice bringing much comfort and hope. Such times of healing and restoration are precious; His voice is always blissful, beautiful and life giving like gentle rain on desert sand. His voice calms my storms and bids my sorrow cease. Suddenly I am dancing before His throne where tears of relief and joy freely flow. I see green leaves all around me branching out from a great Olive Tree. Its intricate roots spread far and wide. There and then I receive the call to be like the green Olive Tree, to be evergreen despite the trials, to keep growing despite the fire and the flood, to keep going to the nations through our charitable foundation ‘Treasured’, to keep loving and giving turning pain into purpose in the process!

When I started the Silver Fish Company in 2002 God said very clearly that ‘He would give me dreams and visions and whatever I dream I should make in silver and gold. Since then I have been deeply touched by the many stories of healing, joy and restoration, when an Item of Silver Fish Jewellery brings a message of hope and lives are transformed!

So in the quiet month on January 2016, I locked myself in at our workshops and began working on our new Olive Tree Collection. I thought back to a similar collection called ‘the Olive Branch’ made in 2012 after a break in at our premises back then it was a sign of forgiveness to our thieves and a ‘new beginning for The Silver Fish Company, starting over even though most of our stock was gone and we were under insured.

With every new jewellery collection I like to do some background research and I found some interesting facts about Olive Trees:

The olive tree is an evergreen tree or shrub native to the Mediterranean, Asia and Africa. Olive trees can grow up to 49ft in height. Many olive trees in the groves around the Mediterranean are said to be centuries old, and ages as great as 2000 years have been demonstrated for some individual trees. Olive trees have an intricate root system with roots spreading up to 10 foot wide.

One of the most fascinating facts about the Olive tree for me is that it survived the great flood, when all of life on earth was wiped out, only Noah, his family and the animals that went into the ark survived, yet the dove came back to Noah with a green Olive branch in its mouth, meaning, even after the flood, the Olive tree was standing, its branches and leaves were still evergreen! No wonder the psalmist after surviving many battles and attempts to take his life said: “But I am like a green Olive Tree, flourishing in the house of God, I trust in God’s unfailing love for ever and ever” Psalm 52:8     

It’s been quite a journey yet God has been faithful, through every struggle I learn to love and trust Him more, like the Olive tree, with every test and every lesson learned,  I sense my roots going deeper and wider.

Have you recently experienced, pain, sickness, rejection or loss? Is God calling you to be like a green Olive Tree, do you know someone who needs to hear this message of hope? Today Christ holds out an Olive branch to the nations symbolised in the cross of Jesus Christ. Will you wear, share or give a gift of hope, forgiveness reconciliation and new beginnings today?

Finally Gods promise of eternal life stands for ever, when we ask Him to come into our heart, to be Our Lord and saviour He offers us this promise, “you will be like a green Olive tree flourishing in the house of God!.”

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Love and blessings in Jesus,
Norma Murrain<><
Jewellery designer 
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