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Our Story:

Our story began in 2002 when founder Norma Jean Murrain was leading a bible study at her church on discovering Gods plan for your life. She shared that Gods plan for our life is often an hidden talent, something deeply buried, something we always wanted to do, but perhaps never had the opportunity, it would fit in with our personality types and known gifting and it would also fit in with God's plan for the world, which is that everyone should hear the gospel and have a chance to be saved.

Norma shared that she had always wanted to make jewellery but she didn't know anything about the trade or anyone in the trade. At the end of the bible study, she offered the challenge that whatever that thing was, the thing we always wanted to do, we should take a step of faith that day! There was a time of prayer and Norma left thinking, 'that was good, but what will I do about making jewellery today?'

Silverfish Staff
That evening she went to the local college where she worked as a part time lecturer in business. She got talking to another teacher who she had never spoken to before and during the conversation she said to him; "I don't really want to be here you know, all I want to do is to make jewellery and work with my hands" Can you guess what his reply was?... He said "I teach silversmithing".

It really was one of those God moments and Norma soon joined Jim's silversmithing evening class and there discovered a hidden talent. God gave her the vision of sharing the gospel through the silver and within a year she gave up teaching and opened her first workshop.

Norma works in silver and gold, her design style is minimalist allowing the heart to speak and reflecting the simplicity of the gospel.

Team Spirit and Family Values

We now employ a small team of jewellery professionals at our workshops in the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham, bringing you world class design, craftsmanship and quality.

Our Mission:

The Silver Fish Company brings you a unique range of Christian Jewellery and gifts, inspired by the Bible and crafted in real silver, with real love at our retail workshop in Birmingham's famous Jewellery Quarter.

Our original silver collection, The Jesus Fish collection was inspired by the bible verse: "The Words of the Lord are pure Words like silver" Psalm 12v6. Since then over 100 designs have followed and I trust that you will find inspiration in our online catalogue.

Hidden treasure in every box! Each design carries its inspirational Bible verse scrolled in the box.

My vision is that we will wear these designs to aid meditation and reflect our faith with style. So when you need the perfect Christian gift for your loved ones, be it for Christmas, Easter, weddings, christenings or any time, give Silverfishjewellery and spread the Word!

Our Vision is to:

To communicate the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ with excellent and continually improving designs at affordable prices. Scriptures are taken from the revised standard version, King James Holy Bible.

Our jewellery is hand crafted or hand assembled in Birmingham's famous Jewellery Quarter with love and great attention to detail, using traditional methods.

Although we actively support overseas ministry and charities with a special commitment to supporting fair trade, all silverfish designs are crafted in the UK.

Wear Silverfish Jewellery to reflect our faith with style, or give as a gift to someone you love and spread he Word!

We adhere to the evangelical alliance code of doctrine and conduct:

  1. The one true God who lives eternally in three persons—the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  2. The love, grace and sovereignty of God in creating, sustaining, ruling, redeeming and judging the world.
  3. The divine inspiration and supreme authority of the Old and New Testament Scriptures, which are the written Word of God—fully trustworthy for faith and conduct.
  4. The dignity of all people, made male and female in God's image to love, be holy and care for creation, yet corrupted by sin, which incurs divine wrath and judgement.
  5. The incarnation of God’s eternal Son, the Lord Jesus Christ—born of the virgin Mary; truly divine and truly human, yet without sin.
  6. The atoning sacrifice of Christ on the cross: dying in our place, paying the price of sin and defeating evil, so reconciling us with God.
  7. The bodily resurrection of Christ, the first fruits of our resurrection; his ascension to the Father, and his reign and mediation as the only Saviour of the world.
  8. The justification of sinners solely by the grace of God through faith in Christ.
  9. The ministry of God the Holy Spirit, who leads us to repentance, unites us with Christ through new birth, empowers our discipleship and enables our witness.
  10. The Church, the body of Christ both local and universal, the priesthood of all believers—given life by the Spirit and endowed with the Spirit's gifts to worship God and proclaim the gospel, promoting justice and love.
  11. The personal and visible return of Jesus Christ to fulfil the purposes of God, who will raise all people to judgement, bring eternal life to the redeemed and eternal condemnation to the lost, and establish a new heaven and new earth.

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